¿Where can I find this products?

You can currently find our monkey tails at www.sajuthemonkey.com

My product is broken. What can I do?

We are sorry that you had a problem with your Sajú, this should not happen. Please, send us an email to mariacalderin@sajucol.com telling us what happened to your monkey tail and the photo evidence. Along with that, send us the following information to send you your warranty monkey tail: Full name, email, address, cell phone, city and country.

How long is the shipping process?

Our shipments take 2-3 business days to LATAM and North America. In Europe it increases one day and for the rest of the world 2 days.

Do you do shipping against delivery?

For now we do not offer the option of delivery against delivery. However, you can place the order through the website: www.sajuthemonkey.com, pay for any of the payment methods offered by PayPal and in case you are not satisfied with the product, you can request the money back.

What payment methods are offered?

Our online payment gateway is PayPal. It is the most used platform globally and among the means they offer is: Debit Card, Credit Card and Bitcoins (Applies for some countries)

How do you use the MonkeyGrip?

Here we leave the link of a post in which we made a sequence tutorial for the use of it so that it's very clear how to use the MonkeyGrip. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt08xI3Ay97/

How much for the shipping?

Our shipments have the following prices (USD):

  • South America: $ 5.99
  • US + CARIBBEAN: $ 6.99
  • Europe: $ 9.99
  • Asia: $ 14,30
  • Rest of the world: $ 16.00

Just remember, for any region, if you exceed a purchase amount, shipping is absolutely free.

The shipping service does not include the nationalization of the product. In some countries, customs will charge an amount determined by them corresponding to taxes.

How can sell Sajú products?

What a wonder you want to have the Sajú monkey in your store!
Please, fill the form of the Wholesale section of the website, so you'll be applying for Sajú distributor.

When does an out of stock product returns?

We are constantly working to avoid having exhausted products. This is why we produce what we need every week and update inventories. Please, check back the product in 8 days.

Does Sajú make custom designs?

Of course!

At Sajú we design custom cords for all types of customers: foundations that want to collect money, companies or even brands that want to give a different gift.

If you are interested, please contact us at mariacalderin@sajucol.com with the number of units you need and what you are looking for with this customization. A person from our sales team will contact you and will support you throughout the process.

Any other questions you have, or if you are not clear anyway, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!